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24 November 2016

Project successes
Kaloko delivered a range of successful projects in Luansobe/Kashitu during 2015. You can read about them in this short summary.

Short film
See our volunteering page here for a quick look at life in Luansobe by UK volunteer Rob Rass who stayed there in 2012.

Volunteering opportunity in Zambia
Kaloko is looking to recruit a volunteer Small Business Development Adviser for Zambia.
More >

Easy new way to donate - by text
To donate £5 or £10 to Kaloko you can now text 'KTUK01 £5' or 'KTUK01 £10' to 70070. The amount you donate comes off your phone's credit or onto your bill and is transferred to Kaloko with no fee deducted. You can even Gift Aid your donation. It's simple and it helps us to help the community in Luansobe!

Can you help us refurbish the Kaloko clinic?
Read about Dr Steve Gillam's ambitious fundraising target to breathe new life into Luansobe's health centre - see news for details.

Appeal to help us fight malaria
Can you help us supply a family with a bed net and vital health education? - see news for details

New way to send books to Kaloko schools
We've linked up with a new partner, Pelican Post - see news for details

Sponsor a granny
Can you help us support older women caring for their grandchildren in families afflicted by HIV/AIDS? Read about our
new Third Age Sponsorship and if you can help please click on the Donate Now button.

Run a cup-cake party for Kaloko
If you could run a small fundraising event for us please see various ideas here or go straight to our guide on How to run a cup-cake party and see the example invitation

Beekeeping on the BBC World Service: hear the piece from the Outlook programme on Luansobe's beekeepers broadcast in Feb 2009

Send a bike:
support Kaloko's community bicycle transport project

Kaloko is fundraising to send refurbished UK bicycles to Luansobe. Please read more about the project and if you can help please click on the Donate Now button.

Volunteering opportunity in Zambia
Kaloko is looking to recruit a volunteer Agricultural Development Adviser for Zambia.
More >

Why not sponsor a school class?
A small donation each month will help educate hundreds of Zambian children.
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Hold please...
Thinking of upgrading your mobile phone? Please don't throw your old one away, we can re-use them in Zambia.
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We even want your empty inkjet printer cartridges...
So don't throw them away, please send them for refilling to benefit Kaloko. More >

Kaloko Trust is a UK-based charity which works to relieve poverty and raise livelihoods in rural communities in Zambia, southern Africa.

It does this by helping to develop local agriculture and income generation, through self-help programmes, and by encouraging the environmentally sustainable use of natural resources.

Kaloko Trust also works to advance education and promote healthcare in rural communities through improving access to schools, health clinics and clean drinking water.


To glimpse a slice of Luansobe life and see our beekeeping project in action, take a look at the short movie below. The project, run by Kaloko and funded by the innocent foundation, trains villagers in beekeeping. It gives them the skills and equipment to earn an income and help provide for their families.



Want to know where we are? Click on the image for an area map of where we work in Zambia






The Kaloko Trust is pleased to support the aims and work of the Africa Commission.

Africa Commission


Would you like to support Kaloko Trust? Click on the button below to see how you can help.


"When I first started working at Kaloko Trust Zambia seventeen years ago, we had nothing but a tent in the middle of the bush, and about 100 families in the surounding area. Today there are over 10,000 people in the local community who can access Kaloko's Training Programmes and benefit from our presence."

Alex Njiragoma,
Senior Manager (now retired)